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Top Shimla Places to Visit in Two Days
Top Shimla Places to Visit in Two Days (courtesy: vishalsharma)

Gorgeous green escapades, a breath of fresh mountain air and the soothing sight of the clear blue sky are all you need to rejuvenate your mind- Welcome to Shimla!

The winding trail of the mountain is nothing short than a scene from a movie with you as the central character. Basking in the lusciousness of the mountains and its historical tryst with the British era, plan your itinerary to include the top places to visit in 2 days in Shimla.

Shimla is the perfect hill station to spend a glorious two days exploring the different areas in and around the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The literal ‘Queen of Hills’ boasts of delightful places to visit and create the most exciting vacation destination for everyone. Shimla has been one of the favourite holiday hot-spots for vacationers residing in Delhi / NCR as well as other states within close proximity.

With ample of sightseeing spots waiting to be explored, there is a certain charm about this hill-station that is sure to take your breath away. We have designed Two Days Shimla Tour Packages that tenders an insight into the striking panoramic scenes of the hills and mountains whilst connecting with the locals as well.

Rich in culture and history, this erstwhile summer capital of the British, welcomes you with open arms to explore it’s by-lanes and prominent hot-spots located close by.

Shimla Places to visit in 2 days:

Day 1 Shimla Places to visit

  • The Ridge and Mall road
  • Christ Church
  • Jakhu Temple
  • Kufri
  • Solan

Day 2 Shimla Places to Visit

  • Dorje Drak Monastery
  • Chail
  • Mashobra

There are a lot of combinations that you can try or choose amongst the best places of Shimla to create your personalized itinerary. You can check our Shimla local sightseeing tours by private cab, which is a great way to explore the nooks and crannies of this gorgeous hill station.

Bring out the wanderlust in you by discovering the different shades of this splendid and all-time favourite honeymoon destination, vacationers paradise and an adventurers cove.

Here is a list of Shimla sightseeing places that you can visit in two days:

1. Jakhu Temple
Jakhu Temple, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

Located atop the Jakhu Hill, Jakhu temple is dedicated to the mighty Lord Hanuman. With the Lord’s statue standing tall at 108 ft., you can pay your obeisance and be mesmerized with the gigantism of the statue.

The temple is located in tranquil surroundings, making it an absolute pleasure to sit and enjoy the weather and the sounds of nature. With huge deodar and oak trees surrounding the top of the hill, it is a treat to the eyes to visit the temple. The complex comprises of a large compound with the temple standing in between and a small children’s play area nearby.

#Note: The hill is also home to a lot of monkeys who are not to be fed or interacted with and is advisable to be wary of them while carrying your valuables.

The temple is well-connected by road and also has a ropeway connecting it. The ropeway starts at the end of the Ridge and continues right till the top. It would take passengers approx. 15 mins to reach the top by the ropeway.

The charges for the same are: Rs. 500 approx. for adults per trip and Rs. 400 approx. for children per trip. Each cable car can carry 6 people at one time. There is no entry fee at the temple.

2. Kufri
Kufri, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

The gorgeous popular hilltop located approx. 15 to 20 kms from main Shimla city is – Kufri. With a breath-taking view of the sloping mountains and plush greenery, Kufri is known to be one of the best places for skiing in Shimla.

It is a popular spot for trekkers and adventure lovers because of the many sport activities that can be enjoyed here. From mountain biking to zipline, tobogganing (going downhill on a sled) to simply soaking in the picturesque view from the top of the hill.

Tourists can park their cabs and cars at the designated parking lot and take a ride up to the top of the hill either on foot or on a horse back.

#Note: Horse rides to the top and back cost around Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 per person for a round trip. The ride up is quite tough and the terrain is completely narrow and rugged, hence it is best to hire a horse.

3. Solan
Solan, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

A quaint little hill town just before you hit Shimla, is a paradise for all people who love the quietness of nature. Located approx. 43 kms from Shimla, a trip to Solan will take around 4 hours in all.

#Trivia: It is named from Goddess Shoolini, who is also the main deity of the town.

It is complete with monasteries and temples, the most famous of them being Shoolini Devi Temple followed by Jatoli Shiv temple. Both of them offer panoramic sights of the town with the backdrop of lush green mountains on all sides. The 300-year old ‘Arki fort’ located on top of a hill has a breath-taking view of the countryside. One of the most revered and famous monasteries of the region is the Yundung Monastery followed by Dolanji Bon Monastery.

#Trivia: It is called the ‘City of Red Gold’ because of the bulk production of tomatoes in the area. It is also called the “Mushroom City of India” because of the expansive mushroom farming that takes place here.

Other popular spots in Solan include the Pandavas caves at Mount Karol in Chambaghat, The Palace near Palace road, Hari Mandir dedicated to Lord Krishna, etc.

If you are looking at spending some time here or even a night, you can enjoy the tranquillity of the twinkling stars that spread their blankets in the night sky. A great town to head out to while in Shimla or even plan an overnight trip!

4. Chail
Chail, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

Home to the highest cricket ground in the world built in 1893, Chail is yet another quaint little hill town located around 44 kms from Shimla. It is best known for its salubrious beauty and gorgeous forests. The ‘Chail Palace’ is quite renowned for its architecture.

#Trivia: It was built as a summer retreat by the Maharaja of Patiala after he was banned from entering Shimla.

This magnificent hill station is great to spend a couple of hours regaling its beauty or can be considered for an overnight trip too. It is surrounded by Deodar and Chir Pine trees and also offer a great view of Kasauli and Solan from the top, at night.

5. Mashobra
Mashobra, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

An expansive lush green escapade located around 12 kms from Shimla, Mashobra is also known as ‘The Quieter Shimla’.

#Trivia: It is known to house one of the two Presidential retreats in India (the other one being in Secunderabad). The president is believed to visit this place at least once every year.

Mashobra is part of the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary and comprises of expansive vegetation that includes cedar, oak, pine and deodar trees. A variety of fauna and avifauna can be spotted right here.

If you are in for some adventure, you can ask your guide to arrange for some exciting adrenaline-pumping activities such as trekking, quad biking, paragliding, biking, rappelling and much more.

6. The Ridge
The Ridge, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

Located in the center of Shimla city, the Ridge road is a large open space and one of the most magnificent tourist attractions here. It is situated along the Mall road, which is the first mall road amongst all the other hill stations.

The Ridge comprises of a Tudorbethan style library built in 1910 and Christ Church, which gives an ethereal look, dating back to the 1800’s with a neo-gothic structure.

There are a number of things and activities to keep you busy on the Ridge such as small eating joints, getting pictures clicked in traditional Himachali attires and much more. Every inch of the city square boasts of the time when the Britishers walked the land.

#Trivia: The Ridge houses Shimla’s lifeline for water courtesy the large water tanks built beneath the area with a capacity of nearly 1000000 gallons of water.

The entire area comes alive every day with thousands of tourists thronging the place to experience the cultural amalgamation of Himachal Pradesh. There is not a moment to get bored while spending time at the Ridge.

7. Mall Road
Mall Road, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

Mall road is the lifeline for all the shopping that takes place in Shimla. Lined with beautiful cafes and shops selling wooden and woollen items, there is so much to enjoy while simply walking along the Mall road.

#Trivia: Mall road has dustbins constructed every 200 meters to keep it clean at all times. The shopkeepers are also particular that anyone and everyone visiting this place uses it all the time. So don’t throw garbage on the road here or else you may be in for a fine.

8. Dorje Drak Monastery
Dorje Drak Monastery, Shimla Top Places to Visit in Two Days

One of the famous tourist spots in Shimla, Dorje Drak Monastery is also known as TDAC Nyingmapa Monastery. It is a gorgeous Buddhist monastery that holds and showcases the Tibetan culture of the state.

The monastery is run by Tibetan exiles and it is quite a wonderful sight to watch the monks meditating right here. Built in 1984, this monastery is the true reflection of the ancient Buddhist teachings and preachings, and also one of the biggest monasteries of the Nyingmapa School.

Tourists do not have to pay any entry fees here but are free to donate anything they wish to. The tranquil ambience of the monastery is a treat to the tired mind looking for some solace and time with yourself. It is open on all days from 10am to 5pm.

Take a break from your routine and enjoy 2 days in Shimla with your family and friends. Explore the goodness of nature along with a number of sightseeing options located in around the capital city.

So pack your bag and get ready to take a trip up the hill to Shimla!

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